Unmatched on-the-ground
upstream oil and gas
experience in SE Asia

Allowing you to understand and profit from E&P opportunities in SE Asia

Providing New Paradigms for the Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology of SE Asia

What We Do

In-Depth E&P
E&P Advice

Access to
& People
Stratigraphy & Petroleum Systems
Basin Studies
35 years experience


Stratos provides critical upstream advice and support on:
Basin Analysis
Petroleum Systems
Resource Assessments
​​New Insights into SE Asian Petroleum Resources (new plays, new leads and new prospects) and petroleum systems
New approaches to SE Asian basins,tectonics, stratigraphy; and new analyses of many SE Asian basins
Petroleum resource assessments, petroleum policy and commercial advice; and project management
Unparalleled technical understanding of stratigraphy and plays, wiki-linked knowledge bases and scientifically auditable reporting
Best approaches to acquire assets, with sub-surface and commercial screening, all the way through to detailed evaluation of assets and data-rooms
Gas reserves and gas monetisation

About Us

peter woodroof

Peter Woodroof

Founding Partner, E&P Advisor

peter lunt

Peter Lunt

Founding Partner, Geological Expert 

Our partners

Stratos and Sirius share a deep common interest in developing and applying the principles of Integrated Geohistory Analysis to understanding basin evolution and tectono-stratigraphy, particularly in SE Asia, where the standard eustasy-based approach shows important limitations. Sirius has developed ‘Novva’, an important new geohistory software, as a tool for insights into basin evolution. We collaborate on exploration projects and training, and often combine the two.

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